About Us

The Cantina Gozzi was founded in the 1920’s in the heart of the Morenic Hills near Mantova and the Lake Garda, immersed in quiet green woods of birch and oak. Renowned for its production of Garda wines.

News and Events

The Cantina Gozzi organizes events and tastings of its wines. Keep up to date on events and come to taste its famous Garda lake wines.

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To enjoy the taste of the morenic Garda hills and the exceptional Garda lake wines Cantina Gozzi, buy directly from the winery or search for a dealer near you!

Our Wines

The Cantina Gozzi of Gozzi brothers have made large investments in the development of the wineyards and in the building of cellars where the Garda lake wine is produced and where it is aged in wooden casks.